Tool trolley Toolstation 143 pieces



The Ronin 143-pieces Toolstation has 3 filled drawers with high quality hand tools. Width 76.5 cm x depth 46.5 cm x height 102 cm. Per piece.

This Ronin high quality tool trolley Toolstation 143-pieces, for professional use in the automotive.

Comes with a 143 pieces basic hand tool assortment. Make your Toolstation fit perfectly to meet your own job demands and choose for extra Ronin Inlay's. Developed according to the needs, wishes and experiences of the professional users for assembly and disassembly jobs. 

Benefits of Ronin Toolstation 143-pieces

  • Smooth opening: drawers have ball bearing slides
  • Tip-over protection: Allows you to open only one drawer at the time preventing the toolstation from falling over 
  • Ronin Lifetime Warranty
  • Intensively tested and all tools are DIN standard certified
  • In this 143-pieces tool trolley you have 5 drawers left to complemente your Toolstation to your own needs with various Ronin Inlay's.
  • Always the right tool for almost every job!
  • Pimp Your Toolstation: Exclusive for Ronin Toolstations. We offer the possibility to pimp your Ronin Tool Station with a personal nameplate. Put your name or other text on the nameplate up to a maximum of 20 characters.

Technical Features of Ronin Toolstation 143-pieces

  • Central Lock: Ensures security of your tools at all times
  • Dimension of the tool trolley: width 76.5 cm x depth 46.5 cm x height 102 cm.
  • Spacious drawers: 7 x 60 mm / 1 x 125 mm deep 
  • Mobility: 4 big, strong rubber wheels, for mobility on every surface
  • Brakes: 2 wheels with brakes to prevent rolling
  • Peak load: 400 kg, you can store a lot of hand tools in the trolley!

Content of hand tools, divided over 10 different inlays:

  • Drive socket 1/2" inlay: 28 pieces (10 - 32 mm + E12 - E24)(30.001.052)
  • Ratchets inlay 1/4"- 1/2": 13 pieces (ratchets + accessories 1/4"- 1/2")(30.001.015)
  • Hammer and grip inlay: 3 pieces (engineers hammer 500 g + death blow hammer + grip plier 250 mm)(45.250.000)
  • Pliers and adjustable wrench inlay: 3 pieces (water pump pliers 240 mm + round nose grip pliers 250 mm + adjustable wrench 200 mm)(20.430.000)
  • Combination wrench inlay: 18 pieces (wrenches 6-23 mm)(25.310.018)
  • Pliers inlay: 3 pieces (diagonal cutting pliers 160 mm + combination pliers 180 mm + long nose pliers 200 mm)(20.420.000)
  • Screwdriver Phillips inlay: 6 pieces (PH0-PH3)(15.430.000)
  • Screwdriver Slotted inlay: 5 pieces (4-8 mm)(15.440.000)
  • T-handle Hex Key inlay: 10 pieces (2-12 mm)(15.620.010)
  • The other 5 empty drawers can be filled with all kind of Ronin Inlay's, for example:
     Ronin Damage Repair Kit
     Ronin Mechanic Kit
     Ronin Wrenches Kit
     Ronin Tire Changing Kit
EAN code 8714247034101

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