Double End Flexibele Socket Wrenches metric




High quality Ronin Double End Flexible Socket Wrench metric for professional use in the automotiv. Available in 7 metric size combinations, from 6 mm untill 19 mm. A perfect wrench product when flexibility is needed to get the sockets on its place. The Wrench has on both ends of the tool a flexible wrench. Two sizes are combined in one tool.

- 6 x 7 mm
- 8 x 9 mm
- 10 x 11 mm
- 12 x 13 mm
- 14 x 15 mm
- 16 x 17 mm
- 18 x 19 mm

- mirror polished
- made of chrome-vanadium steel for a long durable use of the tool
- Ronin Lifetime Warranty.

Per piece.
Art.no. Variant
25.700.067 metric 6x7 mm
25.700.089 metric 8x9 mm
25.700.101 metric 10x11 mm
25.700.123 metric 12x13 mm
25.700.145 metric 16x17 mm
25.700.167 metric 16x17 mm
25.700.189 metric 18x19 mm

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