L-type Pipe Wrench inlay



Inlay, for professional use in the automotive, complete with high quality original Ronin L-type Pipe Wrenches. The inlay contains 10 pieces of different sizes (4-19 mm).

Traditionally, the tightening of sunken nuts has always been a difficult task, fortunately for those who are conducting this kind of work, Ronin Tools now offers a solution in the form of a compact 10-piece set equipped with 6-sided angled L-type pipe wrenches.

This has resulted in providing you with sufficient grip and control over the task of tightening these ‘nuts’. The Ronin inlay is fully equipped with the most used sizes, thus you should never find yourself without the correct wrench from the set. Due to the ergonomic design, the wrench fits comfortably in the hand. The L-type Pipe Wrenches have a 90 degree angle, on the short side with an open head. This enables you to work on long bolts in deep and narrow areas. In order to guarantee the long life of the tools, the wrenches are made from high quality chrome vanadium steel and are mirror polished. Therefore the wrenches are especially suitable for heavy-duty work. The 10-piece set is packed in a Ronin inlay, making it suitable for placement within the Ronin Toolstation.

- made of chrome-vanadium steel for a long durable use of the tool
- mirror polished
- Ronin Lifetime Warranty

- 6 mm
- 7 mm
- 8 mm
- 10 mm
- 11 mm
- 12 mm
- 13 mm
- 14 mm
- 17 mm
- 19 mm

Per inlay.
EAN code 8714247031995

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