Combination Wrench 18 pieces inlay



Inlay, for professional use in the automotive, complete with high quality original Ronin Offset Ring Wrenches set. The inlay contains 8 different Offset wrenches that in total cover sixteen (8 x 2) sizes. Because the heads of the Offset wrenches are positioned under an angle of 75˚, they are suitable for fixing bolds hidden between engine parts or in small working spaces.

- length of the Offset wrench enables the professional to work with great force, a force that the wrench can withstand due to the high quality chrome-vanadium steel
- solid handle
- Ronin Lifetime Warranty

Inlay content:
- 6-7 mm
- 8-9 mm
- 10-11 mm
- 12-13 mm
- 14-15 mm
- 16-17 mm
- 18-19 mm
- 20-21 mm
- 22-23 mm

Per inlay.
EAN code 8714247725511

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