1/2” Long Torx and Hex Bit Socket inlay



Inlay, for professional use in the automotive, complete with high quality original Ronin 1/2" long Torx and Hex bit sockets. The inlay contains: 11 pieces.

Professional long bit socket set with a 1/2" connection. Suitable for both the hand ratchet, electric and pneumatic ratchet. The S2 steel makes these bit extremely strong and durable. This set covers all general Torx and Hex sizes and with the length of 100 mm. They are the ideal tools to work in narrow and deep places.

Inlay content:
- Hex bit sockets 100 mm 6 pieces: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 mm
- Torx bit socket 100 mm 5 pieces: T30, T40, T45, T50, T55

Per inlay.
EAN code 8714247722886

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