T-bar Nut Driver inlay



Inlay, for professional use in the automotive, complete with high quality original Ronin T-bar Nut Screwdrivers. Very practical to work on bolds which are located on narrow deep locations, between the engine and body parts. Because of the 250 mm long shaft, you can reach almost every spot that needs to be (de)assembled. Because of the T-bar handle you can work fast and efficient. On the front of the nut driver there is a 6 sided connector, which can be used in combination with a wrench, to enlarge the power on the bold. The inlay contains 9 pieces (5 - 13 mm).

Features and advantages:
- solid T-handle: generate more power with wrenching thanks to the solid handgrip
- blade is made of chrome-vanadium steel for a long durable use of the tool
- 25 cm long rod
- 6 sided connector
- packaged inlay / color box????

- 5 mm
- 6 mm
- 7 mm
- 8 mm
- 9 mm
- 10 mm
- 11 mm
- 12 mm
- 13 mm

Per inlay.
EAN code 8714247724323

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