Ronin Warranty conditions

- Life Time Warranty -

Ronin Tools produces and supplies high-quality tools and toolstations, designed and built to perform in the most diverse work situations. All products have been designed for professional use.

Life Time Warranty
Products of Ronin Tools come with a “Life Time Warranty” against defects resulting from poor materials and/or production errors, under normal working conditions.

This warranty is not valid in the event of overload, abuse, misuse and normal wear. This guarantee supplements the nationally required guarantee procedures in the circumstances specified below.

The Ronin Tools guarantee includes replacement or repair of the tool and toolstation or specific parts of the tool/toolstation, as listed below.

Not included
Unless otherwise specified, the Ronin Tools Life Time Warranty applies to all tools used under normal working conditions. The Life Time Warranty does not apply to the following products and applications:

  • Normal wear and tear due to daily use.
  • Products used in other ways than those they were designed for. For example in the event of overload, abuse, misuse and normal wear. This also includes use that is not or insufficiently in accordance with our use and maintenance instructions.
  • Changes or repairs to products not performed by Ronin Tools.
  • Repairs necessary due to acts of nature or in the event of force majeure where the cause is beyond Ronin's control. For example: lightning, fire, natural disasters, fire, flood, lightning, moisture exposure, etc.
  • Non-durable goods (products that are subject to abrasion or wastage due to use).
    These include: files, saw blades, batteries, rotating parts and bits.


The Ronin Tools Service department will investigate if the claim is justified or not justified.

Ronin Tools guarantees its customers that the quality of its products is constant and highly reliable. Ronin is not liable for any consequential damage and/or involved cost.

In case of a claim under warranty
In the event of a malfunction/defect of Ronin Tools equipment, first contact your local Ronin Tools dealer. The procedure is as follows:
1. Contact your local Ronin dealer and explain the complaint.
2. Your dealer can ask you to send your equipment.
3. The dealers reports the malfunction to the Ronin Tools Service Department.
4. The Service Department will investigate the cause of the malfunction and sends its findings to the dealer. You will always be informed about the repair options or alternatives.

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