Upgrade your 143-piece Toolstation with our specialized tool kits.

Are you in need of some special quality tools? To complement your 143-piece Toolstation, Ronin developed specialized tool kits that contain all tools necessary to complete one job. These kits are available in four different categories. Pick your task and choose the matching kit to make your job faster and easier:

Ronin Damage Repair Kit
Every damage repair job is cleared in no-time with the Ronin Damage repair kit. This kit contains tools to (de)mount panels. The Grip pliers assure you that everything will stay in place and the kit is also equipped with interior removal tools to help you remove interiors quick and safe.

Ronin Mechanic Kit
The indispensable addition for every mechanic. This comprehensive kit contains 3/8” tools for the more advanced specialist. Every job will be done in no-time with these wide range of spline, imbus and Torx tools.

Ronin Wrenches Kit
Do you often use wrenches? This kit assures you that everything you need is always within reach. To complement your wrenches assortment this kit contains offset ring wrenches, flexible socket wrenches, ratchet type combination wrenches and big size combination wrenches.

Ronin Tire Changing Kit
Changing tires quick and easy without damaging the aluminum. This Ronin Tire changing kit contains all the tools necessary. The wheel nut caps conducted with teflon in combination with the pneumatic and adjustable wrenches ensure a safe, fast and damage-free removal.

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